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Användning och funktion

Secure mounting - F2 can easily be mounted on most roof racks. Ensure that the tailgate does not hit the roof box when opened.

Loading - Before loading, check the total weight that can be loaded on your car's roof and remember to take the weight of the box (about 20 kilos) and roof racks into consideration. F2 has mountings for skis and snowboards. Always use suspension straps to fix the load to avoid any movement of the load when braking.

Driving - Observe that the maneuverability of your vehicle will change when you mount F2.

Maintenance - Use normal car shampoo to wash F2 and finish with car polish. Movable parts should be lubricated in regular intervals. Remove both roof box and racks if the car is to be washed in automatic car wash.

Storage - Store your F2 on box lift or in transport package. Due to the round design F2 should be stored on a foothold to avoid scratches on box bottom.
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